Mary & Jay – Homeowners

“We really had nowhere to turn. We quickly learned that industries are very skilled at knowing all of the loopholes and scapegoats to deny responsibility if they so choose (in our case to deny the responsibility of a construction defect that severely damaged our home).

We were referred to a public adjuster who in turn referred us to two attorneys.

I discussed with both Tony Smith and another attorney and received night and day service from the two of them.  Neither of them promised anything up front but their integrity and straightforward reliability came out at the start.

Tony clearly prepared our expectations throughout eight months of working together. His efficiency is a treasure to those who hire him because hiring a lawyer can be very unsettling financially with no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Jay and I recommend Tony Smith and SJJ in the highest regard for honesty, reliability, integrity, intelligence and expertise. Also, for the high level of respect Tony shows to all whom he works with…which is an asset both on the team and reaching agreement with other players.

The firm, SJJ, is an impressive firm with professional, kind and highly competent staff. They are a hands-in group which is felt in any visit to their office.

On a personal note, we had prayed for someone to help us through the justice process and SJJ turned out to be the only wholly just partnership we had…and the only critically necessary relationship one really needs in a situation such as ours (outside of family, church and friends).

In closing, we are concerned for what other homeowners have been victim to at the hands of the construction/insurance industry. Without Tony and RSJ we would have been in a state of financial ruin and unable to repair our home while it sat in a state of serious devaluation – this would have been to zero fault of our own and would not have been recoverable by us – we still can bring no alternatives to mind as to how we would have survived this.

In all certainty, God used Tony Smith to save our livelihoods and to bring blessing through tribulation.”