Insurance Appraisal Attorneys

Many insureds have policies that contain an appraisal clause, which means if you think your insurance carrier is undervaluing your claim, you can request an appraisal hearing. This nonjudicial method avoids a lawsuit and allows you to pursue the recovery you need and are entitled to receive under the terms of your policy, but in a manner that is faster and less expensive than litigation.

A Faster, Cost-Effective Alternative To Litigation

At Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC, one of our insurance appraisal lawyers can guide you through each step of the process. At an appraisal hearing, both you and your insurance carrier are given a chance to present evidence to an agreed-upon appraisal panel, which then determines the value of your damage losses and issues an award.

We can help you to select a qualified appraiser and umpire to determine the value of your claim and help you present your case to the appraisal panel. Our attorneys have substantial experience representing insureds in appraisal hearings over property insurance coverage disputes. When an insurance carrier is undervaluing a claim, we understand how to present a strong and persuasive argument on behalf of our clients. Call us if you suspect your insurance carrier is undervaluing your property damage claim, including a:

  • Hail damage claim
  • Water damage claim
  • Wind and tornado damage claim
  • Roof damage claim
  • Siding damage claim
  • Ice dam claim
  • Fire damage claim
  • Structural damage claim
  • Business income loss claim
  • Personal property claim

From our offices in Minnesota and Colorado, we accept clients facing insurance recovery challenges across the country.

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