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Whether a grain elevator spontaneously combusts or an electrical fire causes a house to ignite, fires cause extensive property damage. Regardless of what ignites a blaze, a fire can swallow up and destroy a home or commercial property in just a matter of minutes.

At Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC, we protect the rights of policyholders and work to hold insurance companies accountable for honoring their obligations. Insurance carriers are often more concerned with saving money than fully covering policyholders’ losses by paying what a claim is worth. Owing to this, policyholders can see their claims undervalued or denied.

We Can Help You Secure Coverage For Smoke And Fire Damage

Whether your insurance carrier is undervaluing your smoke damage claim or denying coverage after a fire, we can help you. Call us if you are involved in a dispute with your insurance company over a fire, including those caused by a:

  • Defective product
  • Gas explosion
  • Lightning strike
  • Electrical fire

From our office in Bloomington, Minnesota, we work aggressively to protect commercial and individual insurance policyholders’ rights throughout Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northern Iowa.

  • Homeowners: We help clients with homeowners insurance secure coverage for additional living expenses due to being displaced from their home, as well as coverage for the damage to their personal property.
  • Community Associations: We help community associations with property insurance secure coverage for damage to buildings, common elements and limited common elements.
  • Commercial property owners: We can help commercial policyholders secure compensation for the property damage and lost profits from business interruption.
  • Farm and ranch owners: We help farm and ranch operations secure coverage for damaged buildings, grain dryers, combines and other machinery, crops and more.

Beyond fire damage, our attorneys are available to protect policyholders facing a range of insurance recovery challenges.

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