Insurance Claim Disputes

At Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC, we are a team of respected attorneys that helps people when insurance companies do not adjust and pay claims fairly. We protect the rights of policyholders and:

We understand the different needs faced by individual and commercial policyholders, as well as community associations and farm and ranch policyholders. As an individual policyholder, you may be concerned about where you will sleep and live, as well as additional living expenses. As a commercial policyholder, you may be most concerned with recovering for your business interruption and lost profits. Either way, we can work hard to secure the results you need.

Our team has firsthand knowledge regarding how insurance carriers try to defend against claims. We know how to counter their arguments and how to negotiate with them effectively. All of our team’s lawyers previously represented general contractors, subcontractors and their insurance companies. By enlisting our service, this experience works to your advantage.

Protecting Policyholders Across The Country

We are available to serve clients’ insurance recovery needs across multiple jurisdictions.   It is important to understand that these matters are time-sensitive.   Some jurisdictions have as short as a one-year statute of limitation to recover on an insurance claim from the date the loss occurred.   If you face an insurance claim dispute, including an undervalued claim, an unpaid claim or a denied claim, call us as soon as you can.

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