Does Your Property Have Major Design Defects?

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Is your faulty property condition the result of the failed execution of a plan, or simply a failed plan? Construction defect litigation can arise over not just how builders constructed a property, but also over how professionals designed the property. When an architect or engineer fails to design a property appropriately, he or she can be held liable for the damages.

You do not need to look far to find effective representation. At our firm, our lawyers know how to protect your rights as property owners. We work across the nation, in some of the most difficult property litigation cases — and we succeed.

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Holding Architects And Engineers Accountable

At Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC, our team of design defect claims lawyers can help you hold liable parties responsible for your property damage and losses. We represent clients facing losses caused by a range of engineering or architectural defects. Architects and engineers must design a property compatible with its intended use and the local climate. A property that is not properly designed, then there can be serious problems, including:

  • Collapse and other structural failure
  • Concrete damage
  • Foundation damage
  • Siding, sheet rock and other material damage
  • Heating and cooling problems
  • Excessive sound transmission problems (particularly in multi-family housing)

These design issues can require expensive remodeling or even render a property irreparable. We have taken construction defect cases to trial, which has resulted in us obtaining favorable settlements for clients. We are ready to put our experience to work in protecting your rights as a property owner. From our offices in Minnesota and Colorado, our attorneys represent clients in construction defect litigation throughout the country.

Explore Your Options In A Free Consultation

You trusted your architects and engineers to plan your project and set you up for success. When they fail, you are the one who suffers the consequences. If you need help, contact us online or call 866-291-7528. We offer a free, 30-minute consultation.