Was Your Major Hail Damage Claim Denied Or Devalued?

Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC has the skilled representation you need to pursue what you deserve.

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Insurance companies have paid billions of dollars to repair hail damage throughout the United States over the past decade. But this doesn’t mean that every hail storm claim is paid fully and fairly. If your insurance company undervalues or refuses to pay your hail damage claim, you can trust Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC to protect your interests.

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From our offices in Minnesota and Colorado, Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC represents policyholders – businesses, HOAs, and individuals – whose insurance companies have undervalued or refused to pay their claim. If you’ve had a major hail loss and your insurance carrier isn’t treating you fairly, let us help you.

Statute Of Limitations And Deadlines Apply To Hail Claims

Statutes of limitations and deadlines vary by state and by insurance policy, so it’s important to work with an attorney who knows the law. You may have as little as one year to report and repair the damage. If you miss a statute of limitation or policy deadline, then you may miss out on the opportunity to collect any money for your hail damage loss. Can’t figure out the deadlines applicable to your claim? We can help.

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