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Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC thrives on helping community associations manage their day-to-day operations effectively. If you’re a property manager or a board member of a townhome or condominium association, you need an attorney who knows community association law you can trust for sound advice.

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Exceptional Legal Services for Community Associations

Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC represents hundreds of community associations. While each one is unique, they all need legal advice and assistance with similar issues.

We regularly provide legal advice and assistance to community association in the following areas:

  • Updating governing documents – We can help you write, amend and review your association’s governing documents, including its articles of incorporation, declaration, bylaws, and rules and regulations.
  • Governing document interpretation – Governing documents are often hard to read. As lawyers with considerable skill in community association law, we regularly help our clients interpret and follow their governing documents.
  • Enforcing governing documents – When problems arise, we can help you enforce your association’s governing documents, including notifying members of violations and resulting penalties and litigation when necessary litigation.
  • Resolving HOA disputes – We can help you resolve disputes involving your homeowners, as well as disputes with your developer, builder, vendors, and local governmental officials.
  • Collections – We help our association clients develop and implement collection policies and procedures to ensure that homeowners pay their assessments.

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Our lawyers assist numerous clients with their community association needs. We provide counsel to help things run smoothly. We can help you too. Call us at 866-291-7528. We offer a free 30-minute new client consultation to discuss your association’s needs. You may also reach us through our online form to request your appointment.