Community Associations Are America's Fastest Growing Segment Of Home Ownership

Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC has the skilled representation you need to pursue what you deserve.

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::: Every association needs a solid foundation. SJJ is the only law firm your condominium or townhome association will ever need. :::

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Condominium and townhome associations have unique legal needs. From day-to-day legal advice regarding operation and governance to disputed insurance claim and construction defect litigation, SJJ is uniquely positioned to satisfy the wide range of legal challenges facing community associations.

Our community association law services include:

  • General counsel regarding day-to-day operation and governance.
  • Governing document updates and amendments.
  • Governing document interpretation and enforcement.
  • Contract review and negotiation.
  • Insurance services (policy review, claim assistance, claim presentation, appraisal, and coverage litigation and appeals).
  • Litigation services (construction defects, vendor disputes, homeowner disputes, etc.)
  • Assessment collection / lien foreclosure.

Let us show you why SJJ is the only law firm your community association will ever need. Please contact us by e-mail or call us at 866-291-7528 to find out how SJJ can help your community.