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::: You work hard for your money. We’ll help you collect it. :::

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Contractors are entitled to be paid for their hard work. Most don’t have the time or desire to chase down delinquent customers. And even if they did, their time is usually better spent working on the next project for paying customers. That’s why they count on SJJ to fight for that they are rightfully owed.

We work quickly and efficiently to collect our contractor clients’ debts, regardless of the amount. From helping preserve and perfect mechanic’s liens to going to court to foreclose them, we help our contractor clients implement an efficient, cost-effective debt collection strategy that maximizes their recovery.

Our contractor collection services include:

  • Preparing strong contracts with appropriate protections for contractors and subcontractors.
  • Preparing and sending demand letters to customers in default.
  • Negotiating settlements and payment plans on behalf of our clients.
  • Preparing and serving pre-lien notices for general contractors and subcontractors.
  • Drafting and recording mechanic’s liens for general contractors and subcontractors.
  • Representing of contractors and subcontractors in litigation to foreclose mechanic’s liens and otherwise collect debts owed to them.
  • Working on behalf of contractors and subcontractors to identify and collect assets to satisfy judgments, including preparing demands for disclosures, garnishments, and post-judgment discovery.