Court Rules That Insured Is Entitled To Pre-award Interest On Full Rcv Amount Of Appraisal Award, Without Offsets For Prior Payments Made By Insurer

SJJ attorneys Alex Jadin and Tim Johnson recently won another case with significant implications for the insurance appraisal process in Minnesota.  Niakwa Village Home Owners Association v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company involved a residential community that suffered hail damage in a recent storm.  The Association made a claim for the damage to its insurance company, but the insurance company significantly undervalued the claim.

Appraisal Demand

Most jurisdictions provide that a disputed insurance loss can be resolved through the appraisal process.  That process typically begins when either the insurance company or policyholder sends a written demand to the other invoking appraisal and naming their own appraiser.  Once the written demand is sent, the other party usually has 15-20 days to respond and name their appraiser. The two appraisers will select a neutral umpire, which completes the "appraisal panel":  One appraiser for the insurance company, one for the policyholder, and a neutral umpire to resolve any disputes.

Do You Have Enough Insurance Coverage Against Minnesota's Weather?

While most people choose an insurance policy for their home due to the price, it should not be your only consideration. It is equally important to choose the right coverage based upon the types of risks in your geographical area, and to be sure you have high enough policy limits to protect all of your property.

Property Insurance Claims Lawyer

Working Through the Property Insurance Claim Process in Minnesota

When fire damages your home or business, you must think fast and act quickly. You must get your family or employees to safety and summon the fire department to extinguish the flames. Next, you must call an emergency repair contractor, take steps to protect your property, and contact your insurance company.

4 Reasons to Connect With a Minnesota Condominium or Townhome Association Lawyer

If you live in a condominium or townhome in Minnesota, you are likely part of a homeowners' association. Homeowners' associations help protect the investments of the members and community by establishing and enforcing rules and regulations. They also make sure that the shared areas are maintained and upgraded as needed.  Members pay a fee to ensure these tasks are carried out as promised.

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