Andrea Estes

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My work in the legal field started in the mail room at another law firm. From there I worked my way into a legal assistant position in the garnishment department. I was there for little over a year, and though I learned a lot, I decided I needed a change.
Through family friends I heard of Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC. It was not the line of work I had been in previously, but specifically their role with insurance law interested me. Being on the “side” of the insured and helping them through what can be a difficult, confusing, and stressful situation is one of many reasons why I love working at SJJ. After having been part of this team for over 3 years now, I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Outside of SJJ I also coach part time at gym called Alchemy 365 – working out is a passion of mine. I also love taking my dog Lilly for walks, cooking, hanging out with friends, and being outside as much as possible – we only get a few great months in MN!