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Smith Jadin Johnson provides legal advice and guidance to clients around the country - contractors and the people who hire them, homeowners associations (HOAs) and the people who live in them, residential and commercial property owners, residential and commercial property managers and property management companies, and business owners - on cases and issues affecting them and their bottom line.

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If you need a skilled trial lawyer, we can help. We handle insurance appraisals, arbitrations, jury trials, appeals, and everything in between. Our lawyers regularly handle -- and win --  cases that are on the cutting edge of the law. We don't just argue the law -- we make  it.

If you need legal advice and guidance outside of the courtroom, we're there for you. We provide our contractor and business clients with advice and guidance tailored to protect their unique needs and interests.

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Smith Jadin Johnson makes a difference for our clients by providing excellent legal representation tailored to their specific needs and goals. You're unique, and you need a lawyer who understands and appreciates your issues and business as well as the law. So no matter if you have a contracting dispute, a disagreement with a large insurance company, or you just need someone to help your business navigate a legal minefield, we can help.

Offices In Minnesota And Colorado, Legal Services Nationwide

From our offices in Minnesota and Colorado, we provide exceptional legal services across the country from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between. Regardless of whether you're in Minneapolis or Denver, Houston or St. Louis, Chicago or Cleveland, or anywhere else, our attorneys have your legal needs covered.

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